1/2" Titanium Lug Nut (5 Pack)

1/2" Titanium Lug Nut (5 Pack)

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1/2" Titanium Lug Nut (⌀28) 20UNF

Specifically designed and engineered to reduce rotating mass for race vehicles, being lighter and stronger than steel. ERA lug nuts are so universal they will fit any lugs that have 1/2’’ threads. Our lug nuts are have a 11/16” thick shank that fits a 5/8” wheel centre.

These are our own high-strength, lightweight heat-treated titanium wheel nut with a 12-point head. Forged and then fully CNC machined to ensure accurate threads and concentric seats, this ensures our lug nuts will tighten right up on your lugs with no hassle at all.



Overall length 32.5mm

Shank Length 11.5mm

Shank Diameter 11/16" (17.46mm)

Flange Diameter 28mm

12 Point Head 14mm

Thread Size 1/2" x 20 UNF

Socket Size 11/16"